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He is therefore able to offer absolute provenance on all ceramics sold via Nanhai Marine Archaeology Sdn. and, with good conscience sign every Certificate of Authenticity supplied with the artifacts.The maritime archaeology of Sten Sjostrand has led to major advances in the study of Asian trade and trade ceramics in Southeast Asia.His meticulous documentation of a series of nine shipwrecks from the 11th to 19th centuries reveals the early dominance of Chinese trade ceramics, a subsequent loss of the Chinese monopoly in the late 14th century when Southeast Asian ceramics entered the market, the basic parameters of the Ming gap shortages of the 14th-15th centuries, and a resurgence of Chinese wares in the 16th and 17th centuries.Just as important, Sjostrand freely shares the information from his discoveries.

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The dish is masterly decorated with incised lotus flowers (in profile) on the cavetto and vertical striations on the reverse. Made at the Sisatchanalai kilns, which were operated by experience celadon potters from Longquan in China.

The cavetto is incised with four lotus flowers, in profile, and concentric circles in the well.

Rim is foliated with following incised lines that enhance the foliation.

For more information about the Turiang shipwreck, go to The plate show nice dark celadon color and is in a very good condition consider its over 600 year stay at sea.

The plate is totally intact with thick satin glaze finish witrh a nice soft feeling.

The dish is indeed an important historical artifact and also one of the best recovered from the wreck site.