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The guitar was featured on the 2014 recording sessions for Pink Floyd’s Endless River album.Red Jedson tunings 1977; Open G chord, D G D G B E – Shine On You Crazy Diamond 6-9 1987 – 2006; Open Em chord, E B E G B E – One of These Days and High Hopes Blonde Jedson and Fender Deluxe tuning 1974 – 2006; Open G chord, D G D G B E – Shine On You Crazy Diamond (early ’74 version), Great Gig in the Sky, Breathe, Wot’s…This is a 60s model based on the Stringmaster – the Deluxe only featured one neck.The guitar feature 29 frets, two so called “wide-range high-fidelity” pickups, volume and tone controls and a pickup selector.I went off to Sound City, which was the in place to go in the west of London, and they had two Jedsons, a blonde one and a red one.They were about 60 quid each.” – Phil Taylor, Guitarist 1995.David used the guitar on Great Gig in the Sky with an open G chord.

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The Gibson was also used on a Paul Mc Cartney charity show during the Run Devil Run period in 2000 and on the recording sessions of Take a Breath in 2005.

The guitar is first seen on stage in France, June 1974 (Great Gig in the Sky and Shine On You Crazy Diamond part 2).

This was actually the first time David used slides live as he used the Strat on earlier performances (One of these Days, Atom Heart Mother and Echoes).

However, David would perform the song on a Stratocaster with an open Em chord (E B E G B E) tuning between 1971 – 1973.

The twin neck was again extensively used during the Dark Side of the Moon recording sessions (1972-’73) for Breathe and Great Gig in the Sky, with an open G chord tuning (D G D G B E).Little is known about Jedson but it seems that they were manufactured in Japan by several companies in the late 60s and early 70s under license from Dallas Arbiter.