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17-Dec-2017 18:08

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Thus, truth is a taboo in the "land of the free", while political correctness, fakeness and hypocrisy are the norm. In America, you can't just "go out and get a girlfriend" like the movies show.

In real life, people in the US (especially women) don't talk to strangers unless it's business-related, so most people's social interactions are stricty limited to within their "clique" of friends and its connections. You can't just chat them up in public or else you will be seen as a "creep".

But these don't usually work for most dateless guys, or rarely if they do.

In other words, hot women are only for looking, not touching.

And having fun, wild sex with them, and romance is something you only see in the frickin movies, not experience in real life. But of course, in our country of "free speech" and "freedom" you aren't allowed to complain about any of this because 1) you'll be considered a loser and blamed if you do due to the victim-blaming culture, 2) there's an unspoken Gospel law in America that in any public discussion of men vs.

Until then, he has to work, be positive, seek extracurricular activities and pretend that he's happy without sex, in order to "fit in" and not look like a "creep".

And even if he finds a partner, if it doesn't work out for some reason, he has to repeat the process all over and wait years again.You see, such cliched suggestions do not address the heart of the problem - the gross inequities, conditions and obstacles in the US dating market, which are too numerous to even count. Now do you think that simply being more proactive in your community and life or learning BS artificial "social skills" is going to remedy all that?! (especially if you don't have status, looks, wealth, fame, height, race, etc.

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