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Click Here To Watch The Video – Are Facial Scars Sexy? In 2008, a study conducted by the University of Liverpool in the UK revealed that women find scarred men more attractive, which was quite intriguing. This article is going to cover the science behind the different types of scars and the options you have for removing unwanted ones.They can be: Hypertrophic Scars Similarly looking and often confused with keloids, hypertrophic scars are confined to the original wound site and don’t go beyond that.

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Since keloid scars aren’t commonly found on the face we’ll look at the other three.

The body then tries to repair the damage by infusing more collagen but the healing process is not perfect.

The end result looks uneven, deep, rough and oftentimes untidy.

Military couples make significant sacrifices (including our sex lives), and doing what we can to maintain an intimate connection is very important.

Please remember that anything you send can be subject to viewing by someone else.They can go beyond the original wound area that affects the surrounding skin.