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19-Nov-2017 23:17

So, the next Saturday, we reconvened at our place, all changed into robes and fired up the original tape.

Our robes didn't stay closed or even on for very long as each couple ended up fucking like horny teenagers.

As I taped them, they were soon on the floor, one over the other, eating each other out, as Rick and I watched and played with our cocks and the girls gave each other orgasms.

They finally lay there on the floor holding each other, kissing, rubbing each other, when Jill said, "Well, that's sure a first for me." Darlene responded with, "Me, too. Almost can't believe it really happened." "Rick and I watched and we know it happened and it's all on video. Sure looks like you two had fun." They looked at each other and started laughing.

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So, Jill kept a copy on her computer and I would find her at times watching it with her hand in her panties and wait for her to watch it all, then whisk her off to bed for a great, hot fuck.That's all it took, each couple ended up fucking on the floor just feet from each other.We all agreed that it was an intense sex session and that we should do it again.They were laughing and licking, and tickling and just having fun, each slick with our cum and their juices.

Rick asked if we could all use our shower to clean up and I suggested that we pair off and he shower with Jill and I shower with his girlfriend, Darlene.

When I came back in the room, I was startled to see my girlfriend also up on the sofa behind Darlene licking her pussy as Darlene sucked off Rick.