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“The KBA process required by Virginia law is considered to be highly secure,” said Pem Guerry, Executive Vice President of SIGNi X, a company offering webcam notarizations.

“These are not questions anyone can research, like ‘what is your mother’s maiden name.’” But not everyone is in favor of KBA, as it has certain limitations.

“From my experience, a webcam notarization provides superior evidence of signer’s identity, willingness and awareness to sign and the fact that they did sign,” said Timothy Reiniger, Director of the Digital Services Group of Virginia-based Future Law.

To its credit, Virginia recognized that forgeries could easily be perpetrated if it allowed an individual appearing before a Notary by webcam to hold up a paper identification card to the camera as proof of identity.

The capture is a real time screen shot taken once every twenty minutes.

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KBA is widely used by government agencies to verify people’s identities.Still, the movement toward webcam notarizations remains in its infancy.There are only 127 Notaries in Virginia authorized to perform webcam notarizations for signers anywhere in the world.Clearly, a more secure method of identifying signers for these notarizations was needed.

While Virginia e Notaries are permitted to use personal knowledge and credible identifying witnesses to verify a signer’s identity, a new method allowed under the law is “knowledge-based authentication”, or KBA, which is used by many companies offering webcam notarizations.

For example, 48 states use a company called Vital Chek to process online requests for copies of vital records, such as birth certificates.