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It's ok to leak images onto the Internet and people are like, 'Yeah, that's so cool.' But if you actually do it yourself and in a way that's owning your own sexuality, it's almost taboo." It actually kind of sounds like she's hinting at Rob Kardashian's drama with Blac Chyna and how he posted her nude pictures online for the world to see.But for the momma of one, she wants to make it so women can own their bodies without getting berated for it!The judge ruled that 'mere insults, indignities, threats, annoyances, petty oppression, and other trivialities' don't constitute the type of behavior Wimbush-Polk accused Rose of, but rather a spat between in-laws.Wiz's sister Dorien 'Lala' Thomaz died February 20 as result of complications from lymphoma.A source told the website at the time that the How To Be A Bad B**** author felt that Wimbush-Polk's legal move against her was spurred by 'revenge ...because Katie can't let go of the fact Amber left her son three years ago, and Katie has tried to make Amber's life a living hell ever since the split.'Rose's motivation in seeking a restraining order, the insider said, was out of fear 'exposing Sebastian to Katie's hatred for Amber will hurt the kid.'Rose, who surged into the spotlight dating Kanye West from 2008 until 2010, is currently romantically-linked to Atlanta-based rap artist 21 Savage.

Also on the premises is a brown Shetland pony, but Rose isn’t sure whether or not it will feature in her bit.South Philadelphia, where Rose grew up, is a predominantly black neighborhood, and Rose herself is of mixed descent."Amber Rose's comment is one the reasons why there's a stigma of light skin women thinking they’re prettier than everyone. Another notes, "What Amber Rose said shows how she feels about people in predominately [sic] black areas. Be humble."Amber Rose from her teen years." data-reactid="20" What Amber Rose said shows how she feels about people in predominately black areas. Be humble pic.twitter.com/s XDn TJk7ZN — Shantanese Snow (@Lunar Snow1) July 27, 2017 Rose has already commented on the controversy in her Instagram story.She claimed her comments were misconstrued, and that she wasn't able to articulate what she wanted to say."I know people really want me to be a superficial b***h, but I'm just not that person," she said.A Pennsylvania judge ruled Monday threw out an emotional distress lawsuit Wiz Khalifa's mother filed against Amber Rose.

The 34-year-old socialite didn't subject Katie Wimbush-Polk to emotional distress, TMZ reported on Monday.In August, the pop culture queen - infuriated by the lawsuit - had been 'lawyering up' in a bid to obtain a restraining order against Wimbush-Polk, TMZ reported.